Sunday, November 14, 2010

Val Cox Frit: Skinny Dipping

Well - I seem to be getting better with frits - which is to say - my samples aren't sucking quite so badly as they used to. ;-) Well - not all of them, anyway.

This is Skinny Dipping.

The working notes say:

Skinny Dipping. Blend - Opaque/Transparent
A rich warm/cool tone compliment of opaques and transparents. This blend gets its name from skin-toned corals and soft watery blues. Not fussy and excellent for all seasons.

This implosion, with an Effetre Medium Lapis background turned out not too bad - although the "skin tone" corals are bit darkish and reddish.

On clear, on this cone bead - the dark colours appear to be a transparent orange, actually. The overall look is of light blues and aquas, like Eff. Light Sky Blue and Periwinkle, with something ivory-ish (but doesn't look like it is reacting w the blues) and some the transparent orange.

And here we have another implosion, with the addition of "petals" and "leaves." I think the phrase that comes to mind here is "Feed me, Seymour."

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  1. Do you have tips or pointers on doing implosions? I realize I need more practice but I have not had the best of luck with implosions.