Saturday, November 20, 2010

Val Cox Frit: Forest Nymph

Forest Nymph - A Val Cox frit blend. A nice happy blend of blues and greens. Think I can screw this one up? You betcha.

The working notes say:

Forrest (sic) Nymph: Blend- Opaque/Transparent

A no-fuss blend, this lively and fresh transparent green-toned frit blends (sic) stands out against a backdrop of warm opaques in this beautiful all-seasons blend.

btw - it really does say Forrest Nymph in the notes. Whether Forrest Nymph is related to Forrest Gump is anyone's guess. Forrest, the Forest Nymph - was forced to forage for the rest.

Stands out against warm opaques - I read this and interpreted it to mean that it would look good on a warm coloured opaque, like an orange. Ok, I'll try that.

So, on a reddish orange - here is the Forest Nymph. Ew. Big splotches of brown where the transparent greens turn to mud on a red background. Yuck.

How about on black? Well - that's much nicer. Yeah - I could have done a better job with the firepolishing out of the chill marks. Bite me. This mashing thing seems to be working. BTW - for all of these, I made the 4 spacers, heated them and fritted them all at the same time. Melted the frit in, and then, while all four are glowing, mashed all four at once. Not perhaps as much control as mashing one by one - but it guarantees all the same thicknesses, and is a little more fun.

The black wasn't too hideous - let's try on white. And that came out too. Not bad. I think this would look nice on a light opaque COOL colour - like an aqua or blue or light green. But a warm colour. Not with those transparents in there!


  1. Anonymous2:17 p.m.

    Ahhh, to me it reads as saying that the frit blend itself has a warm backdrop - ie the browns in the blend.

  2. It looks lovely etched on a transparent base