Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Double Helix Clio

Clio - the pale, pinky transparent rod doesn't really give you any indication of what you are going to get!

But super easy to use! These 5 spacers were reduced, all at once, after making them. The second from the left is a little more gold than the silvery of the other ones, and I'm not sure why. I'd like to play with this and try for more of the gold tones.

When held up to a strong light, you can just barely see the glass colour under all the metallic surface. It appears to be a rich red or brown. The base colour of the glass strikes and goes much deeper than the rod colour.

This is Clio over black. A black cone, encased with Clio - and a black stripe on top. I'm quite pleased with the blues and greens. I did reduce it, but then stuck it back in a neutral flame and unreduced it.

This is Clio, at the bottom, the middle of the bead started with a base of something light that I ran out of, I was trying for white, but I'm not sure that it wasn't actually a piece of CiM Desert Pink. I ran out, and filled in the rest with Ivory. The silver from the Clio has reacted with the ivory in a very pleasing way. The Clio has struck to a rich, dark toffee. I mashed it into a lentil, and gave it a big swirl in the middle, and remashed to reshape.

So far - very easy to get nice results from. I didn't make any attempt to consciously strike the colour - it just happened while I was working on the bead, in the course of keeping it warm. I am looking forward to playing with this one a lot more!


  1. The gold tone on one of your spacers is most likely that it was reduced a wee bit more (like 3 seconds, smiles) than the other spacers.

    In my experience with Clio, I have found the more reduction, the metallic color will deepen from first silver.. then more yellow gold and then pink rose tone..I tend to work cooler on my Nortel Minor Torch with one oxygen concentrator than some lampworkers, but this tends to be what happens with many of my silver glasses.

  2. Hmmm - I'll have to try reducing them longer. I thought maybe because it was hotter than the others when I started reducing.

    I really like the goldy effect!