Sunday, October 31, 2010

Effetre 048 - Transparent Grey

Back in August, I reviewed Effetre 084 - Steel Grey - and remarked that it really isn't a neutral grey - more of a greenish grey.

In fact, if what you want is a purely neutral, middle-of-the-road grey - your colour of choice would be Effetre 048, Grey.

This pale, transparent grey is very much the neutral grey, neither shading to cool tones or to warm - which is to say, neither bluish nor brownish in hue.

It's really wonderfully clear too. I bet it etches nicely too.

And, of course, over white.

This is a nice choice for a sophisticated colour set that maintains a pure, neutral grey.


  1. It does etch seems to bring out a rather greenish cast. A favorite of mine~

  2. Gail Bryant2:42 p.m.

    Thanks Dwyn. Loving the steel grey E084, here's another one to try out. But one question re your blog. What is etching? Thanks.