Sunday, October 10, 2010

Bowl Push - The Impact Crater Tool

This is the bowl push - pretty much the exact opposite of yesterday's tool - the ring push.

It is also a fun tool.

You can make impact craters with it!

The one I got is 8 mm - not sure if they come in other sizes.

Oddly enough — the holes/craters, depressions that it made measure out to about 5 – 6 mm — although those are still large on the surface of a bead.

What can you do with it? Well - more stuff than I think I've thought of yet - but this is a fun effect. This was a bowl push, a dot of clear, and finish with a ring push.

I like it. It has a very "finished" look to it.

A big ol' bead covered in these could be a lot of fun!

And it is certainly a way to differentiate your dot beads from all the other dot beads in the pack!

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