Thursday, September 16, 2010

CiM742-2: Sepia - the "Blue Variant"

Wow - talk about not getting the same results!

This is CiM Sepia Unique-2 - the so-called "Blue Sepia" - see Beads by Laura.

Well - I sure didn't get Blue.

In fact - this is the only glass I've ever had from CiM that I have actively disliked.

Maybe it came from a different batch or a different part of the pull.

Maybe I burned the snot out of it - but I didn't work it any differently from any other CiM glass.

As you can see - it went grey, (normally Sepia is a pale brown)

This variant boiled - like an alabastro. Actually - worse - I could not get it to stop boiling. I switched to the smaller torch mid-bead - I kept trying less and less heat - just endless bubbling. You can see the result in the finished bead.

It certainly looks burned - but I couldn't get it cool enough to not burn.

No idea what happened.


  1. Thanks for posting this... I will let you know what results I get when I try it out. I work cool on my torch, or so I have been told by other lampworkers, just one Oxy concentrator and Minor torch.

  2. Same here, glad it's not just me!

  3. Hi. I tested it too and sadly had the same result - it boiled and fizzed right up the whole rod :0(