Thursday, December 06, 2007

Garzoni Giovanna Glass

Garzoni Giovanna - another of the R4 glasses. This is a COE 104 soft glass - Moretti compatible. A lovely pale peridot green in the rod - it develops "threads" in the glass as you work it - see beads to right.

In a reducing flame, it develops a smoky bluish metallicy haze, which you can remove and re-reduce and fine tune. The bead on the far left is a hollow, with the left side reduced, and the right side unreduced. The spacers are, from the left, one reduced, the rest never reduced.

Here is another shot of the hollow. You can better see the threads and streaks in the glass, and the effect of the reduction.

And, just for fun, here is a large dichro focal, encased in the Garzoni, and streaked and raked, (not sure with what, some other reducing glass, possibly Sasha's silver), and partially unreduced again.

I really like the way this glass works, and will be buying more!

BTW - I really think that it should be Giovanna Garzoni, but to avoid too much confusion, I'm listing it the way it was styled to me. Giovanna Garzoni was a female baroque painter who specialized in some truly delightful still lifes. Google her.

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