Sunday, December 30, 2007

Cim 834-1 Unique Clear

From CiM - Creation is Messy - a clear. This one is designated Unique - which usually means that it is an odd lot. Not sure what is odd about it.

This seems like a perfectly ordinary clear - not stunningly clear, but not bad. A few bubbles, as you can see from this picture. Doesn't seem to be scum-prone, though - but I think that more experimenting is in order.

As to comptibility - I find that when working with silver or other metals or with dichro is when you first start to see compatibility issues. The core of this dragon bead is encased with the CiM clear and seems to be fine. No cracks yet - but I'll post if that changes.

It is always nice to see that there is a clear in any line of glass.

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