Sunday, December 30, 2007

Attack of the Killer Tomato Soup Colour

Ack - Attack of the Condensed Tomato Soup colour! Nine - 9! - new colours from Vetro - odd lots - and all look like failed attempts to make coral.

Not that they are bad colours - they are nice and streaky, and nice enough (well - a couple are uber-shocky) - and they have really cool names - but they are so similar - there is not much to distinguish between them.

And let me tell you - keeping them separated for the purposes of this blog was a pain!

This one is 995 - Vetro Odd Lot Jupiter. Good name - streaky orange. Appears to be in the coral family of colour - goes grey when hot. Doesn't reduce or devitrify.

Next up - 996 - Bloody Mary. (bottom mandrel)

Difference? Not much. The light coloured bead on the bottom right is the Bloody Mary encased in clear. (The oranges usually look lighter when encased.)

This is the Bloody Mary with Ivory dots. Nice colour combo.

Next up, we have Vetro Odd lot

803 Candy Corn
804 Tomato Soup
805 Orange Dreamsicle

These colours accurately reflect the colours of the rods - but they are heat and anneal to pretty much the same colour. I think the 805 Orange Dreamsicle is the prettiest, with the brightest colours, with the red orange and yellow orange being the least murky, but it is also shocky and inclined to boil.

And four more! Will the madness never end?

These are:

801 Cosmic Storm
802 Apricot Jam
998 Rhubarb
999 Petrified Wood

801, 802 and 998 are uber-shocky, shocky, and very shocky.

This pic shows the rod and the single bead made from it. All rods started the same length, and the beads are the same size - the shorter rods represent the shockier rods, as you lose more by chunks falling off the end. I do try and pick them up and reuse them, but sometimes they just won't stop flying off. 801 - couldn't even get the end inch glowing. Had to settle for getting the tip soft and having it shock onto the mandrel. Very frustrating. This glass was a room temp when I started.

999 - the last of this four was less shocky, but tended to boil. Admittedly - it's not really as orange as the others, more of a mustard streaked with grey.

The 801 - I wouldn't buy - it's too much work to try and use.

Of the lot - I think the 805 Dreamsicle is the prettiest - bright happy colours. The 803 Candy Corn is close behind. The 999 Petrified Wood is quite similar to the 801 - and I would pass on the 801 entirely.

For those that love orange - and streaky colours - there are is some fun stuff here.

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