Saturday, February 20, 2021

Double Helix Oracle Ruby

Double Helix Oracle Ruby.  This is a striking Copper based red from double helix. I checked their website and, of course, it is now sold out. But I found 2 rods of it in my stash, and, as I haven't tried it before, I decided to give it a whirl.

It is a really nice Cherry Jam kind of red, a little bit Smoky perhaps but a really nice colour and quite different from a lot of the other Reds.

Most of these, I didn't even reset, they never got any striking before I put them in the Kiln and they have developed colour very nicely.

Double Helix  says to reset it to clear before kilning. This is good advice, you can see from the barrel bead, which I did not reset, and it is so dark it might as well be black. It is a base of white and encased in clear and a layer of copper Ruby over the top and it is, without the reset,  just too dark. The waveforms on wire, also got a little bit of strike at the base, and then less so further out, which has made a very nice shading effect. The third one was finished in clear so you can't blame that on not striking.

The unworked rods themselves are clear with sparkly little streaks in them, so it would have been easy to get it mixed in with the rest of the clear if they hadn't been labelled, which would have been a bit of a shock! 😄😄😄

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