Tuesday, February 09, 2021

Double Helix Elpis and TAG Geneva

Double Helix Elpis and TAG Geneva. Elpis is a light transparent Peridot color that reduces to a golden luster with rainbow accents. Geneva is a medium transparent blue that appears as a greenish glass with a rich blue lustre after reducing.

I am having a lot more success with retaining The Luster's from reduction on the glass after I reduced the annealing temperature in my kiln. I think my thermometer/pyrometer on the Kiln is reading a little high. I reduce the temperature by 10° (at a time) from the annealing temperature of 960 which is where I generally keep it for the Lauchas that I use, until it is now garaging around 875. That's a big difference. But I'm not having any issues with cracking, so I am just assuming that the pyrometer is reading a different temperature from actual. I actually tried another to check the temperatures but it wasn't working either, so at some point I'll get another but for now it's fine.

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