Thursday, June 23, 2016

Double Helix Euros

Euros - looks white, turns gold.

The Double Helix site suggests that it will strike and reduce, but apparently - I could not do it delicately enough, and I had no luck striking it. Reduced it instead.

Self coloured, flattened. Attempted to strike - well - maybe got a little strike, there is kind of a blush on the end, and reduced to a deep, rich honey colour.

Next one, added a trail of ivory, and reduced. Par-tay! 
 Is that not cool the way the ivory has reacted?

Again with the ivory and reduced and encased in this one, and the spiral pressed in. 

Must do more with this one. I think this will be a sleeper - people will be unexcited by the white colour, not realizing what fun they will have with it.

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