Wednesday, June 15, 2016

CiM 720 Autumn

It's a brown streak, or a streak of brown colours. Here we have CiM 720 - Autumn. I found Autumn to be a bit shocky - and other testers agree.

(The leaf shape on the wire does have streaks of some other colour on top - but I apparently did not record what they were. )

Like CiM Moccasin, it comes out a little lighter than the rod, and you can see from this  close-up that the end of the rod is ragged and striated where it has shocked off.

 It's a pretty, peachy brown, from the left - two self-coloured spacers, and on the right, Ivory dots and Autumn dots on top, and it has bled like crazy. So not so desirable for super precision work, but yummy for organic blendy styles. A twisty of ivory and autumn would be fun.

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