Friday, January 08, 2016

CiM 621 Emperor

CiM Emperor is not a "what you see is what you get" glass. For starters - the product code gives away that CiM does not consider this to be a pink (as the pinks are all 900 series numbers.)

I actually went looking for it in their browns section, as it is more of a cherry-amber colour to my eye.
CiM calls it a "golden transparent purple."

Just so long as you are not expecting it to stay the pretty pink that it is before you heat it.

 The mandrel on the left, with three beads, is, from the bottom, two self-coloured spacers and the third, at the end, was not struck before it went into the kiln. It went in clear and struck in the kiln to a colour not quite as deep as the other two.

The second mandrel, in the middle shows two selfies, one with ivory dots, and the one at the end - I reduced - to no apparent effect.

You can see from the next set of images that the angle of the light makes a difference to the end result.

It is a pretty enough colour - although something of a disappointment if you were hoping for a light cranberry.

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