Sunday, January 10, 2016

CiM 536 Moonlight

If you follow the links to the CiM website that I post - you will see that the information I post is sometimes quite different from the results that other testers get. This is "your mileage will vary" in action. We have different working styles, different set-ups, and different approaches - so you might get results more like mine, or more like someone else's. It would be a sorry old world if we all got the same results all the time. Well - actually - it would be repeatable science - but gawd knows - what we are doing is art! Never the same twice!

CiM puts Moonlight in with the blues and says that it was a response to requests for a very pale tint. I personally thought it had more of a greenish tint, but it was just a hint of a tint.

Anyway - what I get in the moonlight was lots of tiny bubbles.

Thinking maybe I was overheating it - I slowed down and switched to the smaller torch - which did eliminate most of them - but not all. 
  You can see I also had some cracking. I've been having quite a bit lately - and all along that ridge I got in the bead release. Must try and dip the next batch to be more smooth.
 See - slightly greenish.

 I thought I'd try it over silver foil, and see if it was any easier to keep the silver looking silver, but it wasn't really any different. Too much heat and the silver foil reacts and looks gold.

Anyway - the boiled bubbly effect is kind of cool and I can see that you could make some nifty beads with that look - assuming it is reproducible. And not just me.

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