Wednesday, August 26, 2015

CiM 610 Dark Velvet

I had high hopes for this glass -CiM Dark Velvet - a transparent dark purple that reads as black when just lying around on the bench.

Strongly backlit - it is a beautiful, intense, violet-purple.

However, it melts out as a more traditional dark amethyst berry juice colour.

From the left, self coloured spacer, clear with trail of Dark Velvet, and white with dark velvet dots. The dots have bled into the white quite a bit, or maybe that was just me over heating it. 

Because it was so dark - I also made the gravity wave bead that winds up mixing stripes into the base colour. This requires a strong contrast in colours to work. However, the softness of the Dark Velvet - the way it bleeds - works against it here, and the patterns are not as  distinct and dramatic as one might hope for.

Based on the colour when back lit - I was hoping for something rather more violet in the end result. A tad disappointed in this one, which is somewhat unfair, as there is nothing wrong with it.

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