Monday, August 24, 2015

CiM 479 Soylent

I've review Soylent before, made the obligatory "Soylent Green is people" joke, noted that it is crazy reactive with ivory. But here it is again, anyway.

It is a soft, streaky green that is just fun to work.

It might look a little familiar, it is similar to Eff 216 Grass Green, ... (crossed rod)

And very close to Effetre 214 Nile Green (again, the crossed rod is the Soylent)

Soylent plus ivory frit.

Self coloured spacers. 

It's a bright, happy green, soft and easy to work, nice streakiness. You may have trouble finding it - I think it is one of the CiM retired colours (probably because of it's closeness to Effetre Nile Green).

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