Saturday, July 04, 2015

CiM 906: Sakura

Sakura is the Japanese Cherry Blossom, and all that it implies. And one of the things it implies is a spring-time rain of snowy pink petals.

And this is pink. A beautiful, sweet, innocent pink. Your challenge will be to keep it a pure and dainty pink.

(Photo to the right here shot on my phone and in bad lighting. Colour is pretty close though.)

Photos below shot in studio lighting - colours more intense, makes it easier to see the differences.

Because, as you work it, it drifts to a richer, more salmony colour.

Here are 4 self-coloured spacers. They have stayed pretty. And pretty close to the rod colour.

Here are 4 more simple spacers, with a core of white, or periwinkle. For retaining that pretty pink, the white core is your best bet. The pink layered over the periwinkle gives you a lovely shade of purple that is hard to get otherwise.
Here are 4 cubes. They are larger, worked a little longer, and manipulated with a marver to get the cubey shape. They are quite a bit deeper in colour, and have taken on an almost coppery aspect.

Lovely. Not as pink, but still lovely.
Those spacers again. Fairly bubbly too.

Side by side

And head to head.  I don't know if encasing the pink in clear would stop the transformation, or if it is a function of the repeated heating and cooling cycle. It's worth a shot.

Sakura does NOT seem to have a problem with reduction and low-oxygen (like the Effetre Rubino). I have no trace of black smudges or grey build up when I turned the oxygen down.

I think this one is a winner. A really pretty pink. And I'm not a "pink" person. 

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