Monday, July 06, 2015

CiM 905: Cottontail

Here comes Peter Cottontail, hoppin' down the bunny trail ... .

Cottontail is a stiff, translucent, slightly pinkish ivory, or slightly ivory-ish pink.

It is both stiff and creamy at the same time. I'm really impressed with it.

I'm trying to decide whether to think of it as an ivory or not. I should try some turquoise dots to see what happens.

You can see after heating here, it  retains it's translucent quality.

The tricky to exposure backlit shot. Shot on my phone, actually. 

Three self-coloured spacers - there is a difference in opacity - so I suspect the amount of working will make a difference. I unfortunately can't tell you which was done in which order. 
 Contrasting background.
 A little streakiness to them.
 And you can see - with the white background, a hint of peachiness to them.
 Over a back core.

Initially testing says that I really like this, more for the texture than the colour. I like the stiffness of it and that it doesn't go soupy. I got some more of it, and I want to try it out with some sculptural stuff - so we shall see.

PS - CiM calls it a pale opal peach, and the 9xx number - puts it in with the pinks.

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