Saturday, December 14, 2013

Effetre 066 Intense Black NOT!

I was just asked to test some Eff 066 Intense Black rod - pulled into stringer - because someone was getting some odd results.

My conclusion. Intense Black this is not.

Intense Black should NOT go purple.

And black rods priced at an arm and a leg shouldn't go purple.

From the top - core of clear, layer of black, encased clear; white cylinder base, trails of black, black on ends; white base, trails of black - heat till it starts to rotate, mash. All of these show purple - this is pretty definitive - this is not intense black.
 Same beads, different view.
 And on dark ivory - there's that purple again.

If you recently bought Intense Black Rods - do a test bead before you do a production run of 30 beads, m-kay?

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