Friday, December 20, 2013

CiM Limited Runs

As you probably know by now - CiM - Creation is Messy - has their primary line of colours - which they are committed to keeping in production all the time - and their auxiliary line - which is colours that, as they say: 

Ltd Runs are either colors we mis-melted (cannot intentionally re melt) or colors we are not committed to keeping in stock because sales are slower (in which case, we will only melt them intermittently).

Consequently - these following colours are being moved to "Ltd Run" status - which means that your supplier may run out and you may have to wait to find restock or scrounge through all your short pieces. 

511109 Bordello Ltd Run
511407 Cardamom Ltd Run
511413 Peacock Green Ltd Run
511478 Oz Ltd Run
511481 Split Pea Ltd Run
511492 Sherwood Ltd Run
511550 Chalcedony Ltd Run
511562 Ming Ltd Run
511589 Zachary Ltd Run
511742 Sepia Ltd Run
511788 Mink Ltd Run
511807 Linen Ltd Run
511915 Pink Champagne Ltd Run 

I like Chalcedony a lot - any of the translucent colours, really, and Mink - which does interesting things with silver. I will have to stash some of these two. 

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