Monday, October 22, 2012

Effetre Silver #1

 Another Silver glass from Effetre! This one labeled "#1."

Again, I had no idea whether I had a striker or a reducer on my hands.

This is a core of clear, heat the #1 to clear, and encase. Cool, and strike. I thought I saw some purple on it at this stage - but it disappeared. I reduced it, and no change. I encased it in clear - no change. I mashed it, and used the spiral press.

This one is a clear core, encased in #1, cool. Heated to clear, cool. Kilned - I notice that it struck to this dark amber colour as it cooled. It has a slight haze to it, hard to spot in these photos. 
I don't know. Did I over heat it? It's a nice smokey topaz, but am I supposed to get excited over it? Maybe it would be better combining it with something that reacts with silver. Maybe trails of ivory.

Not unattractive, but rush out and stock up? Needs further research before going there!


  1. Apparently these Effetre Silvers aren't silver glass in the same way that Double Helix is. They are intended to be a BASE for other, prettier, silver glass. So, could be worth seeing what happens if you put DH over it.

  2. No worries, they have confused loads of people because of their name I think!