Thursday, October 18, 2012

Effetre High Silver #4

 Looks like Effetre (Moretti) is taking a run at the high-silver or silver-saturated glasses. And why not, why should they miss out on all the fun?

This was labeled "#4" - so I don't know what the name is.

What I can tell you is that reducing it hot or cold makes a big difference!

This is a clear core, encased in #4. At this point - I didn't know if I was dealing with a striker, or a reducer. So I heated it to clear hot (mostly, anyway), and then struck it. Didn't do anything. So then I tried reducing it. It quickly developed a metallic surface. I reduced it again. Et voila!

Still checking for striking, I made the two on the left, heated to clear, then made bead, and the two on the right, I made much cooler. I struck all four, and then reduced the two on the right. Which you would never guess from the colours.

 Here, all three have a clear core, and encased with #4. The one on the left was reduced hot (while the bead is still glowing) and the two on the right were reduced cool (wait for the bead to stop glowing before introducing to a reduction flame.)

In cross section, the rod has multiple layers (rings) - so I'm not sure how that effects the colours you get either. The colours I got are interesting, but I think further practice with this one is in order to see if I can get anything brighter, less moody-broody.

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