Saturday, August 18, 2012

CiM 303: Lemon Drops Ltd Run

 CiM 303 - Lemon Drops - a transparent yellow - not as intense as Effetre's Electric Yellow, but also appears to not be inclined to develop a "cloudy" or milky appearance.

 It's more of a golden yellow.

From the left (picture below), we have a self coloured spacer, Lemon Drops over clear (interesting that the colour is more even!), over white (cracked - probably due to my striking and cooling and striking and cooling, etc.), and the end bead on the far right is unstruck - just made it and kilned it. 

As you can see, multiple cooling and heating cycles will turn this glass orange, in varying degrees. They are showing a little redder on this monitor - the deep orange on 3rd from the left is less intense in real life- like orange crush mixed with ginger ale.

 The rods, as you often see with striking colours, has a "thread" of colour down the middle - which can help you identify it when you have lots of random transparents laying around on the bench.
 And here - where I just went ahead and used the glass to make a Wave bead, it was very nicely behaved. I made no effort to strike it. This particular shape is worked fairly cool as well.

I wonder what it looks like over silver foil? Hmmm.

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