Monday, August 20, 2012

CiM 206: Macaw Ltd Run

CiM 206 Macaw Ltd Run is a transparent orange, that needs to be struck to reach it's full colour potential. 

This bead was made and put directly into the kiln with no striking. It's very similar in colour to the struck Lemon Drops (see previous post.)
 From the left, we have self-coloured, over clear (interesting - again, more intense colour - like the lemon drops. Must be something to do with the additional heating it takes to melt the encasing layer smooth.), and over white.
The layer over white is really nice - nice poppy orange - I meant "poppy" as in colours that "pop" - but now that I think of it - it is very like those bright orange California poppies that grow by the side of the road.

And these, wildly textured beads, (left two are Macaw over clear, right two are Clear over Macaw) - range from orange to red, depending on how much heating and cooling they got. If you wanted some variability and were going for a fire-opal look - I think this is worth playing with. I see no signs of browning or liveriness, and I don't see it going cloudy either, although, this is hardly a fair test of that.

This is a less saturated colour than the transparent reds that we have seen from CiM recently - and seems to have the potential to range from orange to red. I think it has a lot of promise and I'm looking forward to playing with it some more.

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