Tuesday, July 31, 2012

CiM 407: Cardamom

 Another lovely, lovely colour!

CiM 407 - Cardamom is a lovely, peaceful (peas-full?), soothing green. The kind of green that just makes you relax and go "ahhhhh."

So I started with just self-coloured spacer, on the left, below. And having done that, I made a second, and thought - I wonder how if it reacts with Ivory, like the copper-based greens. And so I added a trail of ivory onto the 2nd bead. And it didn't react in the "form-a-grey-line" way that Ivory does on turquoise, sky blue, and petroleum green. But the ivory did seem to bleed and break up quite a bit more that I expected.
 So I repeated that colour combo - this time using a different ivory - the dark ivory - in case it was an anomaly. And again, the ivory and has separated and veined.
 Here we go again, a bicone, with trails of dark ivory on the left and light ivory on the right. The ivory has done an excellent job of imitating satellite photos of river basins!

 Other side of the same bead. This bead was a core of clear, encased in Cardamom, and with trails of ivory.

Lots of interesting possibilities here! I wonder what happens if you put Cardamom onto of ivory?

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  1. I hope that you are curious enough, to try the Cardamom onto Ivory:-)

    And post some pics too:-)