Friday, July 13, 2012

Buy Vetro

Well - I'm about back - I managed to get a couple of sessions in on the torch this last week - after a month of being off. It's not that the broken arm actually stopped me from torching - it's more that the very aggressive physiotherapy schedule was taking all available extra time.

So nothing new to show you  - but I thought I would let you in on some insider info.

Buy Vetro glass. Stock up on it. Fill your boots. Fill your hat. Buy up those odd lots and hoard them. Candy Apple red - I'm buying it all.

The Vetrofond furnaces are still down, and the last 3 attempts - from what I've heard - have not gotten them going again. I wish I could say "buy direct from Vetro" so they could get a cash infusion to get going again - but they don't sell direct to the consumer. When they do get the furnaces going again, they will probably start with clear or black - so those specialty colours will still be on back order.

My thoughts for Vetro themselves to get going again? Top level contributors could something like a factory tour and a new colour named after them, entry level reward could be first opportunity to buy the new glass when it comes out.

If you all aren't familiar with - check it out. It is a way to privately fund projects - lots of independent artists and well as technology start-ups there. People describe their project and how much money they need, then set a date, and see if people will put up the money. They promise rewards for various levels of committment - i.e. small contributors get a nice thank you card or a sample of the new product, bigger investors get more substantial rewards. If the financial goal isn't met by the established date - then no money is taken from the investors (you use a credit card to pay.)

Marble artists Curt Walton and Tom Stanton are on there right now, fund raising to get to the toy convention and revive the game of marbles. For $35 you can get a set of collector marbles, for $3.500 - the artists will fly to your location and spend the day giving you a private class in marble making. Now that's cool!


  1. I'm sorry to hear you broke your arm! I wondered why you haven't been writing as much - your posts are anticipated! I hope you heal quickly and can do some glass therapy soon!

  2. I'm also sorry to hear you've been through so much pain and physiotherapy -- which can be pretty painful itself, as I recall.

  3. I've never tried vetro before. I don't know why, just never ended up buying any or hearing a lot about it. Now I'm scared to try it since it looks like it'll be running scarce.

    What if it's amazing and I can't buy any more?

  4. What if you miss the opportunity and never get to try it? That's like not falling in love because your heart might get broken.

    Vetro black is awesome - before CiM came along - it was the go-to black if you didn't want purple bleeding, and didn't want to pay for Intense black. Their clear is nicer than Effetre clear, and they pioneered the "odd-lots" - experimental new colours in limited runs. They are less expensive than Effetre, but completely compatible. I love their Candy Apple red for a bright red that doesn't go livery.

    Vetro rocks and it would be a sad thing if they can't get going again.

  5. Hi. I thought Vetro was going out of business - not having mechanical problems with their furnaces...Did I understand you correctly?

  6. Anonymous10:44 a.m.

    Your blog is great. I love your comments on new Messy colors, and was interested that Vetrofond is having such problems. I ordered just about every color last night but not the black you recommended, which I only saw today. I hope your arm heals quickly. Thanks very much for your blog. I am sorry you are too far way to come to some of your classes.