Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Reichenbach 104 - 6210: Magic

I've reviewed Magic before, but here it is again anyway.

This is a 104 glass from Reichenbach. It's kind of a nondescript opaque brown rod - but it can do some pretty interesting things.

This was a black base, magic, encased, and mashed. 

 This is the other side of the same bead. Personally - grey and yellow are not a winning combo - so this side is not doing it for me. It looked better when it went into the kiln.
 This one, and the rest of them here, are done with stringer and not encased.  It seems that more is less, and less is more. I'm  using it like Raku - heat it a lot, cool it quickly by mashing or marvering.

 The figure playing the drums is pretty cool - and completely accidental. The blue in the back ground is actually not from the magic - it might be Kronos, I think. I don't appear to have recorded what it was.
 This one has a patch of silver foil on it.
Definitely go for smaller amount for more colour drama. Why that should be - I don't know. Maybe it thins out better? Cools faster? Maybe all the interesting stuff happens at the boundaries.

Maybe it just likes to live on the edge? ;-)


  1. Gail DB12:57 p.m.

    Thanks for the demo. Magic is really "magic" in small amounts. Did you try any reducing with it; or did the instructions say not to reduce?

  2. Thanks for the pics and comments! Nice work!