Wednesday, January 04, 2012

CiM 203 Pimento Ltd Run

Pimento - from Creation is Messy - a vibrant, eye-popping orange.

This is a happy, happy colour. - bright and cheery and in-your-face saturated!

This is also a really soft opaque - this melted very fast.

 Here are two self-coloured spacers.

This one had dots of a light turquoise (CiM Fremen) - you can see there has been a reaction and there is a handsome dark grey line around the Fremen. 
 This is encased in clear - and is slightly lighter in real life than the un-encased versions - although it is tough to see that here. By the way - that is pretty normal for encased opaque oranges and reds - to show lighter.

And with ivory dots. A real creamsicle colour combo. Hmmm - ivory core beads with an encased of Pimento, (with the core showing at the sides - like a white heart bead) - nummy.

A really cheerful colour. Love this one.

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