Sunday, January 22, 2012

CiM 102: Valentine Revisited

I wanted to revisit CiM Valentine - as I had this nagging sense that I just hadn't done it justice.

After all - I really like it - and I was wondering why the photos seemed so dark and dreary.

So I remade the beads - and here you see, from the left, two self coloured beads, one encased in clear, and one with white dots with Valentine on top.

Boy - those are not what you would call red.

I tried them under various lights around my studio - and finally  - I took them outside to shoot - which I almost never do.

et Voila! Despite superiour lighting technology - this colour pops in overcast and bright sunlight - revealing it's true redness.

BTW - the encased one - while looking lighter than the un-encased red - has not cracked. (Opaque reds frequently are fussy about being encased.) It's not a real deep encasing - but there it is.

So there you go - shoot your Valentine in the sun.

Make what you will of the symbolism in that!  ;-)


  1. Gail DB3:04 p.m.

    Wow, what an incredible difference! That's kind of mind-boggling... valentine requires vitamin D?

  2. Aha - that's it. Vitamin Dazzling!