Friday, July 08, 2011

Yellows - Comparison

Most of you will have figured out by now that the "hot" colours, especially the opaques, tend to shift a bit in colour when worked - leaving you wondering how you got a kiln full of tangerine beads and wondering where all the lemon went?

A recent order called for beads in "Lemon and Butter." Better test the colours to make sure before making a whack of them.

These first three are, from left to right
Vetro 910 Translucent Yellow Odd Lot, Effetre 640 Mimosa Yellow, and Effetre 508 Yellow Opalino.

The V910 is a streaky caramel, and the opalino is also streaky and orange - but the 640 is spot on - a lovely translucent bright yellow.

Next up, from left to right, Vetro 412 Dark Yellow, Effetre 408 Medium Lemon Yellow, Vetro 404 Light Lemon Yellow, and Effetre 404 Light Lemon Yellow.

The V412 Dark Yellow has too much orange for my purposes, and while the E408 Medium Lemon is really gorgeous - streaky tangerine and apricot and butter, again - not what I need for this particular order. The V404 Light Lemon is distinctly different, again, too streaky, from the E404 - which is spot-on for what I need. Yum.

Further test also confirmed that the E416 Bright Yellow was a keeper too - I'll add it as soon as I figure out which directory I stuck the photo in.

In the transparents, from the left, in so far as the yellow transparents go milky anyway, we have Effetre 069 Electric Yellow (a striking colour), Vetro 008 Yellow (Transparent), and Effetre 008 Very Pale Amber (Transparent.) The Vetro 008 Yellow is the colour of Amber or perhaps lager, as is the aptly named Effetre Very Pale Amber. The Electric Yellow is a winner, however.

So the winners are, in the "Yellows that Stay Yellow" Sweepstakes:

  • Effetre 640 Mimosa Yellow (Surprise Winner)
  • Effetre 069 Electric Yellow (not a surprise)
  • Effetre 404 Light Lemon Yellow
  • Effetre 416 Bright Yellow
In addition - I have also used the Lauscha Yellow Opaque in the past and it has stayed true in color.

The E408 Medium Lemon is truly yummy, but not for this project.


  1. This is a great test which I have been meaning to do myself. I always seem to pick what I think is going to be a beautiful yellow and then be so frustrated with it turns out orange. Thanks for sharing this information!

  2. Anonymous10:36 a.m.

    That's really interesting - my batches of yellows are nowhere near as streaky as that. I'd use my yellow opalino a lot more if it looked like that! (Mine looks like, well, a yellow coloured opalino. Tends to opacify and have slight surface curdling).

    I think you work a lot hotter than me, so maybe I should roast them a little :p

  3. Very nice comparison and timely. I have been asked to make a bracelet in yellow and purple. I really struggle with the yellow part, so this was very helpful. Thanks

  4. Gail DB3:47 p.m.

    Oh thank you, thank you, DJ! The yellows have been confusing me for some time. The Ef.640 Mimosa Yellow is my first choice too... and I also agree that #s 2 & 3 are pretty cool too. Each has their place... so grateful that you have tested these.