Thursday, July 28, 2011

CiM 404: Jade Palace Ltd Run

This is CiM 404 Jade Palace. I can't see the number "404" without first thinking of the "404 Page not found" error message - and then, the highway that divides Toronto into two halves. However, Jade Palace is a lovely green and nothing to do with either one.

This is a solid spacer, and came out more opaque, but lighter in shade than the next bead. I have noticed that some translucents tend to opacify if you repeatedly heat and cool them - and, as the first spacer on the mandrel - this got quite a bit of reheating - so I think - *think* - that is what is going on here, but I haven't tested it for sure yet.

This next one is also a solid spacer - and you can see that it is a deeper, richer, colour. It is also a bigger bead.

This is a thin layer encased over clear - you can see that this one cracked, but I think that was my technique - not the fault of the glass. I wanted to see if it would stand up to being thinned out, and it did, just fine.

Really liking this colour - but it's green and a translucent - so my liking it was pretty much a given!

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  1. Gail DB12:49 p.m.

    Nice - I agree; a really nice green to play with... experiment #255 coming up.