Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Val Cox Frit: Pink Lipstick

I'm not a pink person - no one who has ever met me would characterize me as a "girly girl" - thank heavens. But I use a lot of pink glass because, well - it sells, and because I enjoy the challenge.

And this Pink Lipstick frit is actually pretty no-fuss. You can get your pink fix without killing yourself with this one.

The working notes say:

Blend - Opaque/Transparent
... a no fuss blend that pairs perfectly with silver foil to reveal gold tones. Work in a neutral flame on non-reactive base glass such as white or clear.
This pair are clear, rolled in frit, and melted in.

On the left, white, rolled in clear, and on the right, a gather of clear, dipped in frit and wound.

Another rolled in frit, on CiM Crocus.

And white, rolled in silver foil, melted in, and then rolled in frit.

I enjoyed using this frit - it's very pretty, and I think makes beads which are eminently sale-able. A real no-brainer.

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  1. I love the crocus glass from Cim. I was going a little crocus crazy a couple weeks ago - until I went to restock it. I only had one of those small 1/4 lb packs - of course I blew through that in no time. Yikes it's expensive!! I had to restrain myself and buy only another 1/4 lb :-)