Thursday, January 14, 2010

Val Cox Frit: Groovy Swirl

Hey - another frit that I don't hate! I might be getting better at this! This one is called Groovy Swirl, and the working notes from the packaging say:

Blend, Opaque.
... collection of silky blue, aqua and subdued lime and violet ... classic, easy to use ... paired with silver foil, produce(s) mosaic patterns.

Aha - the key words - "paired with silver foil."

But first - lets just make some clear spacers and roll them in the frit. Much more subtle than I expected, nothing flashy, but perfectly functional.

Next up - frit, silver saturated glass (Triton, I believe, or Nyx), and frit, encase, and melt down, distorting the frit.

D4mn, that looks fiiine! Let's try that again! This time, I hit the frit with a reduction flame, then quickly encased it.

Wow - even better. Let's make another of these!

Ok, totally digging this! These two are just on opaque turquoise (Lauscha). Meh. Not going to reduce this one!

Back to the silver saturated glass. This was Double Helix Triton (I have it labeled Triton ?. There was some confusion in my studio as to exactly what it was - but for sure it is a high silver content Double Helix colour), rolled in frit, mashed, hit with a reduction flame (large reduction flame), and selectively unreduced, in the centre, where the blues dominate. To do this, turn your oxygen back up, and just briefly hit that part of the bead where you want to take off the reduction effect. Just wash the flame over it and be done.

And finally, same thing, but with a long, shaped bead. Except I swirled the frit pattern a bit so it would be less stark and "fritty." I couldn't decide which side I liked better, so you get both.

I might actually buy a whole jar of this one! Me like!


  1. Very cool reactions. I really like what you got there. I have some of this as a sample from an exchange, so I didn't know about the silver reaction. Very cool.

  2. So beautiful ! Thank you to share. I really need to work with frit.

  3. I love this one! Looks like I need to put in a little order 'again' :-)

  4. Anonymous8:19 p.m.

    hello from switzerland,
    i hope my english is enough for a little kind regards . . . . here the short version: amazing beads ;)
    . . . and the bead goes round and round