Thursday, July 30, 2009

CiM Gunmetal

Yes - I promised the CiM greens - but look at this! OOoooOOOOoo. AAAaaaaAAAH. CiM's answer to Effetre Dark Silver Plum and Metallic Black!

It starts as a dark grey rod, but blooms with a silvery, sometimes slightly frosted finish. Not a reduction effect - really - it looks more like a devit - like EDP does - with out being as extreme as that. A lovely metallic effect - it will certainly have people wondering about whether it is glass or metal. It will pretty much just do it by itself - but if it doesn't - just let it cool and flash lightly in the flame - like trying to get EDP to devitrify. ;-)

Certainly as easy to use at the two Effetre colours - this one is a keeper in my humble opinion! Woo hoo!

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