Wednesday, June 24, 2009

CiM 570 - Grumpy Bear

Grumpy Bear is a Care Bear - He's blue. And so - this is Grumpy Bear blue. But there's nothing to make you grumpy about the colour. This is a lovely, well-behaved blue.

It is slightly streaky - see the close up of the two beads on the mandrel by themselves. It reminded me of Effetre Periwinkle - and you can see, in the blue on blue spotted spacer - that the base colour is Grumpy Bear, and is a little darker than the Effetre Periwinkle spots on top. That blue on blue is a nice effect, btw.

The other dot bead is Effetre Light Ivory on Grumpy Bear. A little bleeding/fuzzing at the edges, but not much.

Very pretty blue.

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