Friday, June 19, 2009

Blooooo. What a beee-yooo-ti-ful shade of blue. And such a b_tch to reproduce on a computer monitor.

This is very similar to the Effetre Medium Lapis in colour, and also in other characteristic. It is a medium, opaque cobalt blue, and looks lighter on the monitor than it does in real life.

Slightly streaky, and the bead on the left is slightly darker in real life. The glass gets a little darker if you shape it and then work it w/o reheating to molten. The bead on the right I had to reheat to flowing as it needed to be rounded up again.

Dotted with light ivory. You can see there is a little bleeding of the colour - but it's not too bad.

This bicone is streaky, and is a little burned. In fairness, I think I had the oxygen just a shade too low, but I also marvered it with a graphite paddle - and I know from experience that the Effetre Lapis hates graphite.

Apparently - this glass doesn't like it much either.

This bicone was made with a bit more oxygen and marvered with a brass stump shaper instead. The colour is much clearer and has none of that smokey black trail.

Beautiful colour - CiM Cornflower. Stay on the slight oxidizing side, and keep your graphite tools away from it.

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