Saturday, October 25, 2008

CIM Purple Faceoff: Grape Ape vs Evil Queen

It was brought to my attention that the new CIM colour Evil Queen should be more different from the Grape Ape than I reviewed it to be - so I decided to take another run at it.

This bead is Grape Ape on the ends, and Evil Queen in the middle.

You can see from this picture that there is a difference - they are a very similar value (shades of light and dark) - but the Grape Ape is a little redder, and the Evil Queen is closer to a balance between red and blue.

I think perhaps the difference is growing on me - or I am getting more tuned to it - when I made it and first took it out of the kiln, they still looked pretty similar to me - but as I look at them more and more - I think I prefer the Evil Queen.

But, as I said before - they are close. Not interchangeable for sure - my apols if I gave that impression!

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