Monday, July 07, 2008

Smooth and Tuff - Not!

Oh dear. Another bead release that I don't like. I am sooooo sorry, but the new "Smooth and Tuff" - I have never met a more inappropriately named product. This stuff is neither smooth, nor tough. It's texture is like it has grit dumped into it - bigger than sand, smaller than pebbles - mostly. Have you ever worked with clay that has ground fired clay mixed into it for strength and texture? This is exactly what this is like - lumpy and gritty. And the lumps show on the dipped mandrels - smooth? Ha! This is soooo not smooth!

As for tough! The stuff flakes and peels and breaks off the mandrel before you've finished winding the glass! Argh.

I try to be fair, so maybe this is a bad batch that got cooked in transit. No, wait, mine was hand-delivered direct from a show. Maybe it doesn't like flying. Anyway - I'm going back to my old favourite - Dip 'n' go.

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