Friday, July 25, 2008

Lauscha: Thüringen Salmon

So, having run out of new Vetro and Moretti colours to test - I thought I would (somewhat) systematically work through some of the new, and new to me, Lauscha colours.

This creamy colour is Thüringen Salmon. Thüringen for a region in Germany where Lauscha is located. What an education in geography glass can be, eh? If the salmon there are this colour, they are some mighty unhealthy salmon, IMHO - growing up, as I did, on the west coast where the colour of a salmon gives a mango a run for it's money.

This is a nice, slightly streaky, pale cream with a hint of brown and pinkish undertones. While I use the term too much - a soft cafe au lait - if you add enough cream. Which I do. Lots of cream.

This would be a great goddess colour, or angels, or any natural pale blonde Caucasian skin colour.
Like some other Lauscha colours, it goes tranlucent when heated and cooled without annealing, but annealing strikes it opaque. Annoying, as the translucent quality has so much potential.

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