Sunday, February 17, 2008

Pinks & Purples - CIM Cranberry and Simply Berry Uniques

Here's some colours that are so dark - they really need to be diluted - use over white or clear or pull into stringers - these colours are so strong - using them by themselves is just not an option.

These are, from left to right,
CIM Cranberry Pink Unique 1 (926-1)
CIM Cranberry Pink Unique 2 (926-2)
CIM Simply Berry Unique 2 (618-2-1)

But, layered over white - they almost glow.
From the ends of the bead, Cranberry 1, Cranberry 2, and Simple Berry 2 in the middle.

This is the Simply Berry 2, just over white. Nice color!

And this is the Cranberry Pink 1 over silver foil. The Pink reacts with the silver to produce a rich gold colour! Stunning!

The Lighter pink on the left, with the striped bead, and the dots are the darker pink. As w Moretti - turn the oxygen up to prevent black swirls.

Nice bright shades of transparent pink in the cranberry family.

The Simply Berry 2 seems very similar to the original Simply Berry, a nice, useful colour. I personally prefer the blue purples myself, but not a bad colour!

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