Sunday, February 17, 2008

Candy Coloured Cane from CIM

Candy coloured cane with heart shapes!

Two new "colours" from CIM - both have a coloured core. The core is Heart-shaped!

One is an opaque light pink with a white core, and the other is clear core, with a cranberry coloured layer, and then a light pink on top.

Tres kewel. I'm sorry, I don't have product numbers or names for these - I'll have to add them back in when I get them.

These are really pretty. The lighter bead on the left is the pink over white (as is the rod on the far left), and the other is the tri-colour clear/tran. dark pink/translucent light pink - on the right.
These work up into fun streaky beads.

You can see the heart shape in profile here. Can they be cut up and used as murrini as well? The pink and white doesn't really have enough contrast to show well, the darker one does, and works up reasonably well - I won't show you my attempts, as I rushed them and they look fairly bad, but that's not the fault of the glass - I'm not a murrini person.

I love streaky, interesting colours, with lots of variation - so I think these are really cool. I would definitely buy more of these.

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