Wednesday, May 20, 2020

CiM 833 Onyx

CiM 833 Onyx
Of course, the first thing you ask yourself about a new black is, what colour is it really? And does it do anything interesting? CiM Onyx looks to be a very good substitute for the traditional effetre intense black.
It is very very black, it is possible to get a slight purplish Tone If you really stress it and stretch  it thin. It will web, or as the dirty pour folks say, it will make cells,  when heated a lot.
It also seems to have just the slightest hint of a metallic Sheen in some places but I can't really show you that because you can't tell it from the highlights on the glass. 

Overall, really nice to work with. The barrel bead is dark ivory with onyx and melted in until it webs. The tablet bead starts as a base bead of white, with three horizontal stripes, and then melted until it is Flowing completely and all the stripes are running together, this requires a lot of heat and definitely gets the glass moving and pulling out thin, where you can see the hint of a dark purple. I don't remember how this Compares price wise to intense black, but I really like having it in regular sized rods, which the intense black it's harder to find that way.

Apologies for the weird capitalization, that's the Google speech to text and, I swear their idea of capitalization was written by somebody who did not speak English as a first language.

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