Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Double Helix Skiron

This is my first run at the new Double Helix Skiron, and again, I don't think I did it justice.

Double Helix says:

Skiron is our new, sliver-striking, rainbow glass.  A major improvement over Luna 3 and Khaos, it resists over striking to khaki.  Skiron works best when reset, cooled, and struck. Cooling and striking times will vary based on bead size, flame temperature, and...

Not sure if I defied the "resists over striking" or just didn't strike it enough.  Above is a single round and 4 spacers with a base of Double Helix Oracle, and Skiron applied. The spacers just show a faint smear of blue. Not sure where the Skiron went.

 This is two sides of the same bead. Clearly more experimenting is required, as I am not getting the full range of colours.
 I am thinking I did not strike it enough. Oh well - I will try again.

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