Monday, May 01, 2017

Effetre 508 Yellow Opalino

Effetre Yellow Opalino - reminded me a bit of CiM Ghee.

The 5xx series numbering tells us that this is from the Effetre Opalinos - colours that have something of a bad rap for being shocky, tricky to work, pricier, and not fond of being encased. In fact - encasing them is a waste - they loose their ethereal quality easily that way. You may even run into compatibility issues with encasing them.

But I have always liked them anyway.

You can see that there is a shift in colour from the rod to the end result.

The end results is more of a maple butter, apricot, antiqued ivory than "yellow."
 Flipped over.
 Here is one next to the melted rod. You can see that the colour change is not apparent in the rod - so that these came out of the kiln as something of a surprise. They went into the kiln as a shaded from translucent almost clear to light yellow. While in the kiln - they took on a very dark aspect - which is what reminded me of CiM Ghee - which, as you may remember, starts translucent pale yellow, and takes on a toasted aspect.

That there are two distinct colour pairs is telling, I think. Two were done at the beginning of the session, and got a much longer turn in the kiln, about two hours more, than the two done at the very end of the session.

So I suspect that longer annealing or garaging makes for deeper colours, but as I didn't record which were done first, I can't say for certain.

I think I like the richer colour of the two deeper coloured ones better. If I can't have ethereal floaty translucent white to yellow, I'd rather have apricot butter.

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