Friday, March 03, 2017

Comparison: CiM 904 Gelly's Sty vs ... Effetre 380 Dark Pink Alabastro?

The pink that put Creation is Messy on the map. Still a great colour. Gelly's Sty.

Now this - I THINK, is Dark Pink Alabastro. It's either an alabatro or an opalino, and given that it is even boil-ier than usual - I'm thinking the alabastro.

 Funny how all those organic characteristics like the boiling and developing odd colours bugged me when I made beads, and now that I make ... whatever these are - I just accept the idiosyncrasies.

Gelly's Sty on the left, Dark Pink Alabastro on the right. Both pink. Both nothing alike. One word to describe both colours just seems inadequate. 

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