Sunday, November 27, 2016

CiM 309 Chamomile

 Well - here's some more for my "Dead Leaf" series - and I don't mean that in a disparaging way - I actually am working on a Dead Leaf thing - anyway - this is CiM Chamomile. You can see at CiM's site that other folks got different results, but, of course, they are not working the glass the same way.

Just as an aside - I hate this thing where everybody goes on about the plant Camomile (Chamomile - both spellings accepted) as if it were the most soothing, relaxing healthy thing ever. Camomile is a member of the Ragweed family, and if you have a horrendous ragweed allergy, you really want to avoid camomile. The plant, not the glass.Ok, rant ended.

Atypically for CiM - this is a layered glass - which is starting to be a thing that I look for in a glass - as I know I will get more interesting results.

Because once you start dragging the glass around, you get much more interesting results, like this:

 Or, same piece, backlit.
 Side lighting. Almost looks like there is some black in there ...

Aren't these grand?  Do these just not scream - "Hey - look at this cool dead leaf?"

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