Friday, July 08, 2016

Hat Pins

I just found some hat pins over on BeadFX that you can lampwork onto!

They look like stainless steel - although the description says nickel silver. In any case - they held up fine in the flame - although, admittedly - I wasn't blasting away on the mid-range - just using a smallish flame on the mega - because I was trying to keep the end decoration small.

The metal darkens in the anneal, but a quick swipe with super fine sandpaper brightened it back up. It doesn't seem to darken as much as a mandrel - so maybe it is nickel silver.

Anyway - you could do this your self with fine mandrels if you have a grinding wheel and wanted to point the ends up, and then source the clutch that goes on the pointed end - but you know me - I'd rather melt glass.

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