Sunday, October 18, 2015

Effetre 296 Avorio Pervincal and Effetre 294 Avorio Viola

Honestly - I can't tell these two apart. Not that every bead comes out the same, but rather - there is a lot of variation in both, and the two seem to average out.

Both are highly streaky ivories with a lot of variation in them.

First up Avorio Pervincal

Cabochon - quite light in colour. 
 Three self coloured spacers - two came out a lot darker.

And here is the Avorio Viola. You might think it looks darker - but notice that light coloured one on the bottom mandrel on the left. What are we to make of that? (Notice the extreme reaction to the turquoise, btw?)

Viola on the top and Pervincal on the bottom. Could it just be a case of how long it is heated as to how dark it gets?

Anyway - until I understand otherwise - I'm going to treat them as interchangeable. That said - I love them - streaky and variable is my kind of ivory! I will be stocking up on these!

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