Monday, September 14, 2015

New Favourite Glass - Effetre 293: Avorio Dark Lapis

This is my new favourite glass - not that I have fallen out of love with Dark Fossil or Raven Sky, but this is truly wonderful.

This is Effetre 293 - Avorio Dark Lapis. As you might guess, Avorio is Italian for Ivory, and this glass appears to be a streaky blend of Ivory and Lapis.

Oh myyyyyy.

 Above is the glass rods - and below - self coloured spacers. Yep - just wound off the rods - nothing else done to them. Aren't they gorgeous?
 Here in much stronger light.
 And with a contrasting background.
And two very yummy cabochons. (More on cabochons in upcoming posts.)

I have 4 Avorios to test - this is the first of them - and they appear to be a line of something plus ivory. I'm pretty excited to get to the rest of them as well.

I did experience a bit of shocking - but it wasn't extreme, and given the colours - worth it. 

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